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[REVISIT] TVXQ Answering Questions about their Past and Future

Because I suddenly remember this interview:

Q: Have you ever thought of wanting to go back to your past?

Y: I feel that we are here because of our past, and what we are doing now leads us to the future, so I don’t really think of going back. I have my life now because of all the hard work done in the past, and I plan to continue everyday like this.

C: I feel the same as Yunho. The reason why I’m not interested in going back to the past is not because I’m denying my past, but rather because I feel, “I’m happier now”, “I like this moment more”.

Q: Before, Yunho was saying “If I can only take 1 person to my future, it would be Changmin whether he wants to or not”. Changmin, how did you feel when you heard that?

C: Ah~yeah, he was saying something like that. I wondered why. I wondered if Yunho can really do that (laughs). But, yes, I’m grateful. I will just keep that feeling (laughs)

Q: (laughs) Yunho, has your feeling changed since?

Y: I feel it’s natural, because we’ve been together for a long time and I want to continue activities as Tohoshinki in the future as well. I I think I will take Changmin with me without asking. But…maybe I might ask how he feels (laughs)…No! I think I will just take him with me without asking!

130406 Glamorous May Edition

Credits:  Translated by  yhcm0218@TVfXQfever, @yhcm0218 (twitter). Shared  by TVfXQfever

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