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Anonymous asked: I'm sorry, but the asks you've receiving and endorsing are homophobic to the bone. I'm honestly shocked at the subtle and not so subtle homophobic connotation. Btw, nobody has any obligation to read fanfics, skip on. I'm not even a shipper, but reading those veiled homophobic asks make me sick.


Hi Anon,

I haven’t sensed homophobia about the last few asks I received, I have sensed a difference of taste or interest in genre.  One doesn’t need to be homosexual nor heterosexual to enjoy a particular genre, or preference of reading material.

I don’t like labeling or judging. So I won’t do that to my Anons. I can’t see into their hearts by a few words dropped in my ask box. 

Which part is “not so subtle homophobic connotation?” Is it because they don’t like reading Yaoi/BL/ShonenAi or slash?  Anon, it’s all about individual taste and preference. 

I’ve never read any of the “Twilight” series, does that make me vampire/werewolf-phobic?  I’ve never read “Fifty Shades of Grey” does that make me BDSM-phobic? Must one partake of BL/Yaoi “HoMin” fanfiction in order to not be homophobic in your view?  Since I can’t read their minds or hearts I don’t know what they truly feel, but I sense that they were just ‘overwhelmed’ by the rather large amount of the slash fanfiction in the KPOP fandom in general.

Not that it’s anyone’s business, but two of my nephews are gay. My niece is bi-sexual. I would never, in a million years want any human to have to undergo the pain and suffering they felt as teens trying to fit in, and being bullied or ostracized because of their sexual orientation! The bullying, the exclusion, the malicious comments, THAT’S homophobia, ignorance and hate.  Not wanting to read BL fanfiction? That’s a matter of choice and preference.

Finally, I wasn’t going to say it before because I don’t want to name names, BUT I will say that most of my favorite TVXQ fandom fanfiction writers also write M/M (BL) mature material.  I have 238 saved LiveJoural Memories under “HoMin” now, that I didn’t have in 2011.  Our tastes change, we grow, we move on to new interests, new horizons, but that doesn’t mean just because my Anons don’t read those stories that they’re homophobic.  I didn’t read them either previously.

One of my favorite fanfic stories outside the fandom, is “Captive Prince” by C.S. Pacat.  It’s probably the best written fanfiction story I’ve read, but it’s not “PWP” porn, it has backstory, it has substance, it has imagination, intriguing characterization, masterful detail.  And when the sex does come, (no pun intended), it comes hard. (ok that was intended)! 

PS. If you come out of Anon mode, I would be happy to share my list of 238 awesome “HoMin” recommendations!  Or check the girls and boy I follow … they’re on there!

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I don’t know why but seeing these GIFs reminds me of those sappy high school romance dramas where the heroine is being all bashful and smiley and her friends immediately make themselves scarce when the male protagonist approach her with his friends TROLOLOLOL

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Anonymous asked: M... despite of your delulu, do you think jung is really gay?. idk but if it's not changmin nor jaejoong i can't take the possibilities of him being gay with someone else.. he's too perfect and precious, such a waste if he choose men over women

I operate under the assumption that EVERYONE can swing either way, but I will treat them as straight until proven otherwise, because it is still more damaging to be considered gay when you’re not than considered straight when you’re gay.

LOL.. it would be kinda sad if he doesn’t end up with me, but I don’t think it’s a waste to be true to who you are ^^

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Anonymous asked: Do you know Precious? Is him a Sone or a TVXQ fan?

Erm.. pretty sure he states in his blog somewhere that he’s a Sone.

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Anonymous asked: mba menurut mba kira2 kapan jyj berenti bawa2 tvxq? baik ber5/tvxq yg sekarang?? jujur aja sih aku gerah lol kan lolsuit udah beres masalahnya taun 2012 udah 2 taun dan mereka juga udah pisah dr 5 taun lalu sigh... kasian aja aku ngeliat ot5 yang masokis sekali.. atau ngeliat jyj stan yang udah cinta sepenuh hati eh malah biasnya ga bisa move on

Mereka akan berhenti bawa-bawa TVXQ pada saat topik itu udah ga relevan lagi untuk karir mereka. Tapi seperti yang gw pernah bilang, pencapaian terbesar dalam hidup mereka itu kan waktu mereka jadi anggota TVXQ, so menurutku sih topik ini ga akan pernah ga relevan ya XP

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Anonymous asked: mba, kayaknya level sarkas mba M ketinggian deh ampe ga nyampe di otak aku lolololololol jd menurut mba M justru jyj itu ga dewasa atau saking dewasanya jadi mereka manfaatin keadaan untuk benefit mereka sendiri? masa sih jyj ampe mohon2 ke wartawan buat minta diketemuin? :/// ummmmmmmm kok aneh mintanya sama wartawan bukan jung/shim?

Itu mah silahkan diinterpretasikan masing-masing, hahaahah.. Dua2nya masuk akal, tergantung mana yang kamu percayain sebagai motif mereka bukan?

Silahkan cari wawancara mereka jaman In Heaven(?). Pokoke gampang kok nyari artikel mode begitu, biasanya itu satu interview sama ngomongin album baru LOLOLOLOLOL Like I said.. action nya mana??

oiya aku kepo juga nih kok mba dan teman2 hatam banget sih kelakuannya jyj ?? XDD

Hatam tuh apa ya? Maksudnya apal banget gitu? Sayangnya, tiap kali mereka bertiga itu ngomongin TVXQ, omongan mereka masuk radar kita, namanya fans TVXQ jadi kalo soal TVXQ pasti rada kepo dong LOL

Sebenernya udah cukup seneng setahun terakhir ga terlalu banyak kelakuan mereka masuk radar kita, eeeeeeeeh, seperti album2 sebelumnya, tiba2 rame lagi XDDDD

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Anonymous asked: btw @kpopstarz already confirmed spoon couple along with choiza-sulli #justsaying




spoon couple is like spoon n fork or spoon n spoon???

tbh i didnt following portal news…lets wait the official confirmation from SM ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

It’s Korean.. so Spoon and Chopsticks XDDDDD

Seriously, what’s with the obsession to get hyungie’s approval on ChangToria couple? You ship them, you think they are really dating, GOOD FOR YOU.. *pats you in the back*. What does theangelnoona’s opinion got anything to do with it?

Don’t hound theangelnoona because you need constant approval of your opinion.. that’s YOUR problem, not hers -____-“

PS. Kenapa gw senggol bacok kali hari ini ya? LOL

ikr, always shaking my head everytime trying to feeding me with this all changtoria things….tbh thats action just make me feel changtoria is not real xdddd. why i must to believe to something when i found someppl still going around and trying so hard to make their otp looks so real. its like you coming to somene and said “hey looks, this couple is real bcause they blablablablabla” and believe me, that person just looking at you and said “oh yeah” and walking away

uppppps thats me xddd

PS…..Magda itu tanduk dilipet dulu …jgn dikeluarin skrg

I just noticed that all these “CHANGTORIA IS REAL YOU DELULU” surfaces AFTER Vogue photoshoot, Shim singin NWJ OST and Jung’s he’s “mine” translation.. I smell insecurity.. booooo PS. telat, tanduk udah keluar, skrg berdoa aja cakar g ikut keluar juga LOLOLOL

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Anonymous asked: noona have u watched tvxq ultimate group? changmin said by himself he going out with vic and asking the Chinese song for him


and wheres the point of this Q??? in one tv show someone said they going out with you and asking a song too?? and many idols and artist said the same thing on tvshow o__O


Is that REALLY what he said tho anon? I thought he said he was hanging out with Kyuhyun and Victoria and asked them what Chinese song he should sing. He was talking in the context of “friends” not “dating”.

Seriously, if he REALLY said that he was going out with Vic and he sang the song for her, is it REALLY normal for no article to surface about it? Think about it -___-“