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Anonymous asked: omonatheydidnt(.)livejournal(.)com/5602281(.)html. This article came to mind when anon mentioned Junsu’s tweets to Yunho and Jaejoong’s “Keep your head up” comment. Yoochun even asked Junsu what he meant by his tweets, and all Junsu did was ignore the question. What? Yunho shouldn’t thank the people responsible for helping him (and Changmin) succeed? And Jaejoong is so self-centered for him to even think Keep Your Head Down was about him/them. (cont.)

(cont.) In the article, Jaejoong says, “…we’re going to show a much better image of ourselves. We could’ve handled our disputes in a more proper manner, I’m deeply sorry for the bad disputes we caused.” Really? May be he should’ve said those words to Yunho and Changmin.


Whenever the topic of Junsu’s tweet come up, I love to re-read Jung’s answer when directly asked about it in an interview in 2011. Now this link has been a CHALLENGE to find, because 10asiae actually forbids copying their stuff so no fansite actually have the text up, they only provide links back to 10asiae and the site has gone missing (or migrated, who knows) but I FOUND IT, hahahaha.

Part 1

Part 2

It is a great interview to read, especially if you are a new fan or simply just want to go back the memory lane to the awesomeness that is Jung and Shim answering difficult questions hahaha

Q: After your latest album was released, Kim Junsu wrote on his Twitter account, “I had thought that all five of us were thinking of them as our enemy but I guess they weren’t enemy to all of us. Brother, we may be apart but this isn’t right… We used to have the same understanding.” What do you have to say about this?
U-Know: Well I don’t even know if he’s even talking to me when he says ‘brother’… although everybody and anybody would say it is. (laugh) But it felt like Junsu was making a mistake after I read his message. Not a lot of what he said was correct although I understand he may have his own thoughts on how he may be disappointed about certain things. But I don’t think it’s proper for him to have used the word ‘enemy’ to refer to people you’ve spent time with and are your teachers. However, I don’t think it’s my place to talk about it because I haven’t asked him about it and he hasn’t said anything. I just feel bad for our fans and agency because of how much talk there is about this these days.

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Anonymous asked: mbak M, sepertinya idol lama dan idol baru memang memiliki perbedaan dalam menyikapi konflik. pada kasus TVXQ dan SNSD, member yg tinggal tidak berkata apa-apa dan yg pergi malah yg banyak bicara soal konflik mereka pada media, bahkan cenderung "badmouthing". pada kasus EXO, yg pergi tidak memberikan komentar langsung, tapi Lay memberikan selamat tinggal dan best wish buat Luhan, dan beberapa member yg lain menunjukkan pesan untuk loyal EXO yg sekarang. sepertinya memang zaman sudah berubah.

Atau memang kepribadian mereka begitu.

Aku tau Sunny sempat buat post, ga menyinggung Jessica tapi meminta fans untuk terus mendukung SNSD.

Waktu Kris aku tau Tao sempat ngomel2 di SNS, hahaha

Kalau menurut pendapatku sendiri sih yang paling bijak itu bicara seperlunya, tanpa perlu menyalahkan siapa-siapa. Kalau orang mau terima sukur, kaga juga biarin aja, yang penting conscience kamu clear ^^

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Anonymous asked: M, it might be just me but why do I think some fans might be over-analyzing things when they keep trying to point out who and who are not sincere to TVXQ? It's like they expect TVXQ friends to "behave" a certain way that is 100% beneficial to TVXQ ONLY and they can't do otherwise(they can't be friends with JYJ, can't mention TVXQ etc) because they are friends of TVXQ. I mean, I believe yunho and changmin are smart and mature enough to know who is sincere to them and stick to true friends.

At the core of things, I think it’s just a matter of personal opinion.

I personally can respect both sides of the argument, a long as people are well aware that when it comes down to it, it is still “personal opinion” and not dwell if people don’t share your opinion.

For me personally, if Jung and Shim says nothing about it, then it is not my place to judge, and that’s that.

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Anonymous asked: Hi M, do you play smtown superstar? I wanna ask you what cards have you collected now? And are TVXQ cards super rare cards? Thanks~!

Yes, I do~~

I think I have collected enough cards to fill each slot in each group. I won’t say that TVXQ cards are super rare cards, it’s just really difficult to get them somehow.. it’s mostly luck, and sometimes I do get lucky (just 2 nights ago I got like 4 TVXQ cards) but other times it’s just SuJu or Shinee over and over again, hahahaha

So yeah, gotta be very patient XP

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Anonymous asked: M, what is wrong with some people. SM lets their idols rests or just do small projects, they complained "what? only 1 OST, 1 feat" they want more e.g a solo album. Don't they know what kinda of effort goes into the makings of such projects. However, when SM idols get to do these side projects, they go like "OMG SM let your idols rests, they're tired" Hmmm shows you can't please everyone can you or are these people trolls?

I won’t call them trolls, just short a few brain cells, hahahaha

Fans need to realize that being an idol isn’t a hobby for these people, it’s their JOB. They need to commit and put their everything into it just like any lawyer would work a 16 hour day for months or an auditor doesn’t come home for a few days or a doctor perform a 36 hour operation if needed.

We don’t live in an ideal world where you can have all the rest you need and still be on top of your game. The sooner people realize that, the better.

PS. I am not saying in any way that I don’t want these idols to rest, I just think that instead of telling SM to tell their idols to rest, try telling the idols to rest instead, because as a TVXQ fan I know even if SM tells them to rest, doesn’t mean that they will, hahahahaha

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Anonymous asked: Back then in 2009, didn't Heechul give his opinion about "slave contract" and support Yunho-Changmin as TVXQ? Why did he hang out with JJ and even form "beautiful-line" or whatever? I always feel that SuJu is not that sincere to TVXQ and they are the one that steal TVXQ's position when TVXQ was stumbling. Maybe that's just my own bad feeling...

There’s a “beautiful line”? Hahahahahahaha.. What on earth is that LOL

Well, you can be friends even though you have a different opinion in something, you can argue and then make up, so just because Heechul didn’t like the whole “slave contract” thing doesn’t mean he’s forbidden to ever form a friendship with ChunJaeSu.. It doesn’t really work like that.

The way I see it with SuJu is that the boys are good friends with them, and I will trust their judgment in this. You don’t have to like SuJu just because TVXQ is friends with them, of course, but let’s not judge someone’s sincerity too quickly, it is not wise and most of the time it caused an unnecessary bias that will just make things worse ^^