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Anonymous asked: No offense M, but from all sites should you rely your translations of OT5 fan in onehallyu, remind me again of how you keep saying OT5 fans tend to be delusional and cry cry for oppars LOL and another blog of kpopfan. There are more reliable translations from Soompi or AKP but should you chose those to support your anger arguments LOL. I'd love to give links but tumblr don't allow it but like you said it's not hard to google it.

You mean this one from allkpop?

JYJ's Jaejoong responded to TVXQ's Yunho's compliment about Jaejoong's hard work ethic as a fellow actor by showing his faith in former member Yunho's acting in return.

During his interview with Xports News at a cafe in Shinsadong, Seoul on the 30th, Jaejoong proved that there’s no bad blood between him and TVXQ, showing his support by saying, “I hope [Yunho] does well.”

When asked if he heard about Yunho’s mention of him during the press conference for MBC’s ’The Night Watchman’, Jaejoong shared, “I saw that article… I think he will show good acting… To be honest, I’m not in a position to tell someone to do well… All actors go through a growth process. Even veteran actors, who act well, face a dilemma at one point or another, so compared to those veteran actors, we still have a long way to go.”

"Since Yunho also went through a growth process, I believe that he will show even better acting this time around. Among the staff and actors whom I worked with for this production, there are some who have worked with Yunho. They tell me that he works really hard. Actors who work hard are bound to succeed." 

[Update] - According to another media outlet MBN, Jaejoong also expressed his concern for Yunho, who has a tendency to focus on work too much and forget to stay hydrated. When asked if he had any words for Yunho, Jaejoong said, ”It’ll be very difficult for him as it’s his first historical drama. I know because I’ve done it before. Since it’s also hot and such related factors, he’ll probably receive a lot of stress too… For what I want to say the most to him, it’d be that I hope he drinks a lot of water as he films. When we promoted together, there was a time when he got dehydrated, so I hope when he films this time he drinks a lot of water and takes care of his physical condition… Yunho is the style that works really hard at whatever it is he’s doing. I hope that he looks after his condition as he works instead of rashly working so hard in fear that people will speak badly of him… I also hope that his first attempt at a historical drama will turn out well.”

He also directly addressed Yunho with a message, "Yunho-yah, are you doing well? I’m doing well… It’s probably your first historical drama, and it’s going to be very difficult. I guess there will be a lot of outdoor filming too. With the lack of time, there will be a lot of CG work and martial arts practice. So it’ll be very tiring physically and it’ll probably be really hot, so drink a lot of water as you practice. It’s good to work hard, but make sure you think about your body too.”

Funny, aside from the whole “I can’t watch because I have overseas activities”, the the translation links I gave didn’t sound that much different.

Unfortunately I don’t care enough about what you think of me to elaborate on why I think I have good “support” for my “anger arguments”. I would show you the exit, but it’s not hard to find, you can google it ^______________^

unnie … either jaejoong is can’t move on from jung (possibility still in love to jung) or he’s using jung to increase their album sales… which one do you think suit the situation more?

I am hoping that he does it because he genuinely care about Jung as a friend or colleague (although considering his tweets in 2011 I say it’s too little too late), because if he actually said what he said because he can’t move on or he’s using Jung then he is the lowest of low and there’s probably nothing that can repair his reputation in my eyes, and that’s that.

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Anonymous asked: As a duo fan and homin shipper I'm disappointed with Yh's answer. I wish he said that he didn't watch triangle :( I know he cant always avoid such questions but .. :(

IMHO he answered the question in the best way possible he can without causing a bigger scandal. It was quite obvious the journalist who asked the question was looking for a sensationalized news, if he said he didn’t watch Triangle, what makes us so sure he won’t be accused of still being bitter over the split? That would make an even more scandalous headline.

Being disappointed is okay, it’s your prerogative. I personally am not, so to each their own ^^

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Anonymous asked: So, when Yunho was asked by reporter about Jaejoong, he was professional answering question blablabla. But when it is Jaejoong who was asked by reporter about Yunho, he was an opportunist taking chances and all. It's either M is that butthurt over Jaejoong or she's practicing double standard here. Trolololol.

You are such an idiot.

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Anonymous asked: When did Jaejoon rambled on how Jung was dehydrated when they were still in a group and that Jung practices his sword scenes very well and he can’t watch it because he has a world tour and blablablabla?

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Anonymous asked: i should really let this go buuuttt i'm quite uneasy... i've read somewhere that the "baek-yeon" news broke out because of some negotiations sm had with dispatch because 1.) taeyeon's issue about being a lesbian is quickly spreading out 2.) baekhyun being gay too and him being a gangster predebut and last (the one that i actually believe in) 3.) they caught someone from exo dating an apink member. (i hope it's suho-chorong and not kai-bomi). what are your thoughts? possible or outright dumb?


You guys are idiots.

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Anonymous asked: Wow Jaejoong did send Yunho a message too! What's happening? What's next? LOL Right after Yunho response to a question mentioned about him, he immediately sent a message to Yunho. I bet that he's lurking every single day and now he received the signal even though that signal came from a strained situation but he doesn't care, just grab it! [cont]

[cont] Yunho was forced to respond to every questions that reporters brought out. Yunho is a pro. I bet that from now we will enjoy more hints, mentions, messages etc… whatever from JJ/JYJ to Yunho or TVXQ like they are on a very good relationship. Wait and see.

That’s what I said this morning, one hand we have someone who was ambushed by not 1 but 2 question regarding his ex-members, and on the other we have a man who rambled on how Jung was dehydrated when they were still in a group and that Jung practices his sword scenes very well and he can’t watch it because he has a world tour and blablablabla.

Seriously though, if his stans didn’t give Jung much crap about talking about Triangle because a reporter asked him, I would have ignored JJ’s message. But hey, since their own oppar is giving me the material, it would be rude for me to ignore his effort


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